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Nov 2012:
PMI Ash Technologies SVP named new American Coal Ash Association Chair
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Dec 2010:
PMI Ash Technologies develops ammonia removal and recovery technology
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August 2010:
PMI Ash Technologies SVP’s testimony to Congress on EPA’s proposed ruling on coal combustion residue.
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March 2010:
PMI Ash Technologies to be Featured in Episode of “The Profiles Series” on The Discovery Channel on Thursday, March 11, 2010
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March 2010:
PMI applauded for making green use of coal ash -
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The PMI Feeder

A Superior Way to Feed Fine Particle Solids

Across numerous industries, bulk and processes, fine particle solids are being fed using variable speed rotary valves. These valves work well initially, but need to be replaced constantly due to wear. In search of a better solution, PMI Ash Technologies has developed the PMI Feeder, a patented fine particle feeder designed with the following advantages to the traditional rotary valve:

  • Very low wear and, when finally needed, easily replaceable and inexpensive wear parts
  • High tolerance to wear – the ability to continue to provide good flow control prior to replacing wear parts
  • Positive material shutoff
  • No shaft seal leakage problems
  • No upstream requirements (i.e. – no requirement for equipment such as tall mass-flow hoppers above the feeder)
  • Capital cost competitive with premium rotary feeders (and much lower overall cost due to much longer life)
We currently have 4 PMI Feeders installed at our Chesapeake Carbon Burn-Out (CBO) plant. We couldn’t be happier with their performance:
  • The PMI Feeders provide both uniform feed and process control to the process on a 24/7 basis.
  • They have proven to be very reliable.
  • The limited wear is restricted, as designed, to the “wear parts”. The wear parts are changed during yearly outages (whether they need it or not).
  • There have been no seal leaks or other failures and the feeders uniformly provide tight shutoff.


PMI Feeder

For more information about the PMI Feeder, please review the
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